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6 ways to start your home business
22 October 2020

There are many ways of starting a home business. Some may get it done quickly while others may take years to set up their own venture. Here are a few things you should consider when you are thinking of venturing out on your own.

Most important, before you leave your paying job:

  1. Start it on the side

Start your new home business on the sideTry starting it during your spare time. You can start your own business during your free time while still keeping your day job. By doing this, you will still be getting a steady income every month while testing the waters for your new business idea. In addition to that, your day job will supply you with the money that you need to expand your new business without dipping into your own savings. So work on your business until you have built it enough for you to leave your current job.


  1. Do your research

Do your research if you want to start a new businessWhile you are still working at your day job, start reading up about that field you are venturing into. Do your background research about that new business idea of yours. It wouldn’t do to just plunge in head first into your business without knowing anything about it. 
While doing your research, get to know your competition. By getting to know your competition, you will know what you are up against. You also need to understand the needs of the area and the skills that are needed in that particular side of the business. So if you are not so good in that particular skill, it is time to brush up and work on it.
A great way to brush up on your skills is to do courses. Here at MajestiX Academy we have different courses to help you grow your business. If you are looking to grow a certain skill set, Udemy is also a great place to visit to find the most amazing courses.


  1. Make your schedule flexible

Make your schedule flexible if you want to start a new businessWorking two jobs may be too much for you to handle. Consider asking your employer to give you a more flexible schedule. Try requesting for work 3-4 times a week instead of 5 days. If they are unable to do so, you might want to consider a part time job. A part time job will still provide you with the steady income that you need to expand your business while giving you the time and freedom to attend to your new venture.


  1. Start on a shoestring

start on a shoestring budget when you want to start a new businessWhen you first start out, don’t be overambitious about your new venture. Start it small. Don’t pour your money into the unnecessary things that is not going to grow your business. Although you may still be getting a steady pay from your day job, be careful still with your finances. Take out the unnecessary and focus on the essentials.


  1. Start networking!

Start networking to grow your new business

In the business world, networking is very important. When you do go out for functions, bring your business card along. You never know who you are going to meet and who may be able to give you the breath that you need. In addition to that, don’t burn bridges.  After you leave your old job, your ex-colleague may be an important asset in setting up your new venture.


  1. Don’t do it alone!

When starting a new business, don't do it aloneA support system is important. Rope in a family member or a friend who can help you when there’s a crisis in your new business. They may be there to listen to your grouses only but that contribution is just as important. Remember doing it alone will be tougher so lean on your friends and family.

Most importantly, be patient when starting your new business. Don’t do it just for the money because then you will lose your enthusiasm fast. Do for the passion of it and you’ll never get tired.

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